Tuesday, 13 December 2011

knock knock who's there

salam! holla! buenos dias'! konnichi wa! bonjour!
to be honest, i dont know what crappy things too say here...hihi.  the main reasons why I create my blog because inspired by fuzy rahman (teehee)..so what can i say here:

Alia Nabila Mohammad Rozainie


1st December 1988

In a relationship with Khairul Izzat Abd Rahman (KIR)

23 years old

013-XXX ****

Youngest in my sibs (like maggies =p)

Mommy Kaklong Khairul Izzat AbangNgah AbangLong Papa Nauffal Zharffan Irffan

Farda Fuzy Wanie Ain Juni Nurul Epul

Convent Bukit Nanas 2005

UiTM Jengka (which is know khazanah something2)

UiTM Puncak Alam

Scope Buddy ( Pneh howt and everyone..hihihihi) happy tak pneh???

Bonney & Clyde

Greys Anatomy CSI gossip girl Desperate Housewife One Tree Hills

The Green Mile Notebook Titanic

colorful red black white

"simple but something with great soul"


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  1. hello..hello...welcome to the blogging world..i can call you blogger girl now! hehe..muahh