Wednesday, 14 December 2011

a new word for today

venue:  technoflex cafe at TPM
time:  12.30 (lunch hour)
members:  fuzy me juni pneh mai ros zai and raub

afta having lunch as usual, me menu of today just poridge and potato cili together with brussel sprout goreng and desert jambu with nice asam boi. so the best part is afta makan2 usually chit chat time so NEW WORD FOR TODAY taught by ros is KOCAK--means "making love" at kelantan they call it KOCAK..hihi and the funny part is we do called our friend back at puncak alam kocak without knowing the different meaning of it at kelantan..haha

p/s::  everday we may met new people learn new things and what most important things is we just have to be urself and enjoy having bonds with people surrounds us.


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